Friday, 15 June 2018

Hero cycle

Hello my name is Ryan and I am doing the movie water boy

I will do assistance departure trials and crisis when bobby got fired he went to a new high school and decided to sign with them and be there water boy then one day he got treated bad so then he unleashed all his power on the quarterback and sacked so he got a new spot on the team so then he got a new spot on the team so then he decided to play. The water boy as alone when he had to play games on the road so his mum did not know about it then when he had to play in the championship so he had to tell his mu m because he had to leave town to play. Bobby had to show that he could learn and develop his skill to play the game so he went to training then he played his first game but he lost so then he tried harder and in the second game he won. Bobby had to show that he could win the game in the second half when they were down by 27 points in the half it showed that Bobby was the only one to win them the and he did with one second left and he won.

I have learnt from my text that my hero is brave and has the courage to play football and be treated badly but that didn't stop him from playing and going to school so he decided to tackle his opponents and dominate the football field he can tackle any body on the field so no one could stop him even with a 27 point lead in halftime even when he hasn't got a good enough team but he still wins no matter what the score was. Bobby had to overcome challenges in his life when he went to school playing football and winning the championship. bobby never let anybody treat him bad because he blocked out the horrible comments from his team. He kept believing in himself never giving up and trying to do your best no matter what people say. And he tried his best and being successful in life and being the best version of yourself you can be.

The reason I chose the water boy is because his story changes his life he doesn't hold back and he treats people with respect but when he is on the football field he tackles his opponents no matter how strong they are. He gets treated bad by his other teammates on the field and off the field but it does not make him play bad because he blocks out the hate from other people on his team so he plays good.

I learnt from what my hero cycle person had in his life people were mean to him and they treated him bad because he was clumsy compared to other people so they thought they he was different from other people and that's why he did not want his mother to let him be out in the real world because she was afraid of him being bullied but he got in a team a school and a town to support him with the decisions he makes.

I hope you learned how bad the people of the world can be to you and it can change so easy for them to stop bullying him and start liking because he played football this is why I chose my character and I hope people learn from what can happen to his life when the personality changes and makes the town love.

At the start my character started off finding challenges really hard but then by the end of the movie he could face them pretty easy and he did the same things and he got better and better at football then he made it to the championship game and then the results were he had won the game for his team and his town.  

Friday, 8 June 2018

linear Equations

Write an expression for total amount of angles in this shape

There are 180° in each triangle. Using this, find the value of x 30

There are 2 numbers in the triangle and 3 x but since there is a 3x and 2x and a normal x so it is x.

Then for the triangle you go 6 divide by 180 and that equals 30 and there is your answer 180.  

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

graffiti or art

Graffiti or Art

I believe that graffiti is both vandalism and art Graffiti is a type of funky trashy
scribble across wall that people bad places are a type of great art it can be
art and it can be vandalism because people who do it is flashy and nice to
look at thought it was good piece of art but other people that have another
taste in art think that it is a bad piece of art that no one would like here is the
difference between the two                  

Image result for graffiti artImage result for graffiti vandalism

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

I have registered

Friday, 1 December 2017

narrative writing

There was a boy named Jake One day he saw these visions about the Gunslingers. The Gunslingers were a legion who were defending the tower. They had done this for thousands of years to protect the tower from evil. The man in black sought to destroy it. Now there was only one Gunslinger left to defend it. Jake kept seeing these visions in his head. One day when he was explaining it, his world started to shake. He went to an ancient library where he read books about his dreams. He found drawings in the books that he read so he ripped them out of the books and looked at them closely. He had seen this building before on the other side of his street. He went into the abandoned building. There was a loud noise up the stairs so he went up the stairs to see what it was. He saw a portal and he went inside it. He ended up in another world. He was alone until the Gunslinger showed up behind him. The Gunslinger said, “who are you”. “Jake said you are a gunslinger” “the Gunslinger said i'm the only one left” all the others have died protecting that tower. “That's the tower that I see in my visions Jake said” “what else do you see said the Gunslinger” “you the tower and the man in black”. “The man in black is trying to destroy the tower said the Gunslinger” “Jake said to the gunslinger he like the devil isn't he”. “No he’s worse come with me to the tower”. “Do you hear that said Jake were being ambushed run said the gunslinger” people with popped out of the long grass quickly the towers just there they got inside the tower and locked the doors get up those stairs said the gunslinger they finally reached the top and the man in black was waiting there the man in black destroyed the core of the tower and the tower falled. The man in blacked vanished grab me my two guns go down the stairs and get to the portal Jake jumped into the portal and then the gunslinger jumped in. They ended up back in Jake's world the gunslinger was confused by how much people there were around him the gunslinger said to Jake are there guns bullets in your world you're going to like earth a lot where do you get the guns from said the gunslinger. Follow me they made it to ammunition shop they went inside is this the one that you want a shotgun or an assault rifle I want both. Suddenly two big people walk in the gun store the gunslinger said I think they are the man in black’s men run they ran out the back of the shop when they got out the back of the shop. They had to run on the road were there lots of cars crossing Jake and the gunslinger had to run really fast and dodge the cars that were coming across they made to the street but the man in black's men were behind them the gunslinger and Jake finally out ran them they got to the middle of the city. Their was something beeping on Jake the gunslinger said turn around there was a tracking device on Jake the gunslinger through tracking device off of Jake. The man in black's men started to come in every direction they seen they started to surround them in a circle the only thing the gunslinger could do was shoot. When I yell out three we are going to run as fast as we can to that car said Jake what the hell a car said the gunslinger just follow me 1….2….3….go run. The gunslinger took two quick shots two people were dead the gunslinger reloaded his gun and shot another person in the head they got to the car the gunslinger said you have to drive the people got in there car. The people chased them the gunslinger said we have to get to this village but those guy are right on us don’t worry the gunslinger open the car door and got on the roof he shot the two people in the car the car drove off the side of the road and flipped over. The gunslinger got back inside the car Jake said check if there is anything in the back the gunslinger found a rocket launcher he went out the side of the window and shot the rocket at the car the car smashed into a lamppost there was only one car left the gunslinger said I have something special for you he shot the car tiers and the car flipped in the air and he shot the car with a rocket launcher and it blew up. They made it to the village and there were people waiting for them the said we know what is happening the tower has fallen and they are attacking here first. Suddenly village was being burnt and overtook the gunslinger said hide in the village the gunslinger and the village people started to fight back. A man jumped on the gunslinger back the gunslinger took a shot from behind he killed the person. The gunslinger started to her these voices inside his head he knew the man in black was in his head Roland I know you have the boy Walter what do you want with him i'm going to use him for finding the sword Walter you know i'm coming for you. Walter got out of Roland’s head there was chaos all around Roland a man set fire to a house Roland shot the man and he heard screams coming from inside the house Roland kicked the door down we are you Roland there were louder screams coming up stairs Roland saw the woman don’t worry I will get you out of here. Roland saw a window he jumped through it with the woman they both fell on the ground run said Roland. There was a loud scream coming from the woods there was monster that came out of the woods. Roland tried to find Jake the monster was getting closer and closer to Jake Jake was hiding in the long grass Jake saw a woman who was terrified with all the fire burnt houses. Jake went to go get her he seen a man behind him he was about to kill her but Roland shot him Roland found Jake and said we have to get to those cars run Jake run before it gets to us twenty more meters said Jake. Hop in said Jake drive drive said Roland quick it is right behind us I think we lost it the suddenly the monster came out of nowhere Jake drove off the road into the woods. Jake lost control of the car and crashed into a tree the car lit on fire Roland grabbed Jake and they both got out of the car the monster was close you could hear its footsteps making loud noises the monster appeared through the trees. roaring at Roland and Jake the monster knocked Roland into a tree the monster grabbed Jake and ran away with him Roland stood up and he pulled the bullet out of his belt put the bullet in the chamber closed his eyes pointed the gun at the monster and shot the bullet. the bullet went through the monster's head and killed it Jake was free from the hands off the monster he ran but men came in and circled around hake Roland saw that they took Jake in vans and drove off. Roland went back to village do you know where they are going yes I can get in the car I have been spying on where they have been I can drive you there. It will take a while look the city's right there they turned right then left and they were at the building I will drop you off here Roland got out of the car and there were gunshots from the building go go said Roland. The car took off they were distracted at the car so they shoot at the car so then Roland ran into the building and he stopped and right in front of him was eight stories of stairs to get up. Roland started to run up the stairs he got tired and tireder as he went up the stairs and he wasn't even half way up the stairs. So he kept running faster and faster he was getting closer and closer he got up the stairs he stopped he opened the door shot all five guys they all dropped to the floor. Roland walked around the corner of the building and saw the people the were waiting to shoot him. Roland peeked his head out of cover a man saw him so he took the shot but Roland was fast enough to put his head behind cover. The guy saw him called to his combat partners and said hey I think I saw someone. Roland had nothing else to do so he shot the first two men they dropped to the floor and Roland rolled into cover behind a pillar but those shots alerted everybody in the building.Everybody started to target the pillar that Roland was hiding behind Roland had to stay still or else he would be severely wounded. Everybody in the building was out of ammo so Roland went out of cover shot the guy on the balcony and fell down to ground then he shot all four guys that were reloading. Roland was trying to reload but a guy kicked him on the ground and the guy grabbed his knife he took a swing at Roland. Roland dodged the blade Roland quickly reloaded but the guy grabbed his knife and swung his blade Roland blocked it with his gun shot his stomach with other gun. Roland jumped into cover behind a table everybody started to shoot again. Roland had nothing to do behind him were a bunch of propane tanks. So he went out of cover and shot three guys on the higher balcony but there were more people coming from the bottom level there were heaps of men coming to kill him. He looked back at the propane tank the propane tank was leaking oil Roland shot it the oil lit on fire. Roland started to walk around the corner of the building the men were coming up the the balcony the fire was getting closer and closer to the propane tanks the men couldn't find Roland one of the men looked over the table the fire started to burn through the propane tanks take cover said the men the explosion did not go off one of the men said it didn't explode then it exploded and killed all the men except Roland. Roland tried to open the door but the door was locked so Roland kicked it down. There was a big person waiting around the corner to kill Roland he punched Roland. Roland went flying back into a wall the man knocked Roland’s guns out of his hands Roland tried to get his hands to his gun but the man who was holding him was to strong. He threw Roland to the ground Roland was going to fight again and try but five men came in the room and pointed the gun at Roland. Come on let's take him to our boss they had to go up another set stairs oh come on. Roland had to walk up the stairs he finally got there and he saw Walter standing there staring at him Roland got pushed down to his knees. Roland said what have you done with Jake Walter laughed at him Roland said again but louder what have you done with Jake. Walter went up to Roland and said you're not worth my time torture him I will be in the other room if you need me before Walter was about to shut the door Roland Grabbed his gun off the big person he spun around shot a man and then punched him down the stairs Roland shot two more men they fell down to the ground then Roland punched the big guy in the face and punched his leg then shot it. Roland viciously took down one of the goons and threw the other into the big guy and then shot all five men standing in his path. Roland was going to go to Walter's room but the big guy grabbed his leg and through him to the ground like a rag doll Roland guns fell out of his had the big guy started to choke him Roland looked at one of his guns but Roland's gun was out of reach. Roland reached for the big guys gun and said I've got your gun and shot him in the face five times. Walter came into the room and said hey what’s going on guy’s I said you could come in here if there is a problem Walter saw that Roland had killed his men. Roland through the big guys body off of him Walter went up the stairs behind him Roland chased him Roland said not this again. Walter got up to the top of the building Roland was behind him Roland chased him Walter jumped across to the next building. Roland jumped as well they both made it across Roland ran as fast as he could he tackled Walter Into a scaffolding they both went head first into it. They fell into hard wood plenty of times they both fell on the ground Walter got up first then Roland Walter men picked him up in a van Roland got up and went in the middle of the road a car stopped. The person got out of the car and said what the hell are you doing Roland pointed the gun at the man and said ride or die your choice. Roland and the man got in the car Roland said stay on that white van and whatever you do don’t lose that van or else I will shot you. Walter said get me to our secondary base where the boy is Roland stuck his head out the window he shot the car tire in front of the van the car lost control and turned into the van. The van dodged the car that span out he shot another car and the van dodged it again we're almost there said Walter just 500 hundred more meters. Roland got out of the car and on top of the car he said to the person who was driving get me close to the van. The person speed up and rammed into the back of the van Roland jumped and grabbed on the ledge of the van and pulled himself. He walked across the van slow and steady. He got to where they were in the driving seat he shot the driver he started to drive left to right. Roland had to drop down on the van's roof so he didn’t fall of the van Walter was in the back of the van he said what is going on back there he open the little sliding door he seen that the driver was dead Walter looked at workers that were fixing the road. They had no control of the van the van crashed into the pot hole they flipped the car in mid air Roland had to jump of the van Roland had a bad landing and fell on his back and flipped on his belly. Walters van set on fire Roland was still really badly hurt Walter got out of the van back door Walter started to run to the second base Roland got up and chased him Walter made it to the base Roland followed him to the base he got inside the base. The doors shut he searched every room in the base then he went upstairs the stairs he made it to the top of the stairs he found the door he opened it he walked in the room and he saw Walter and a portal behind him. Roland could hear Jake's voice where is Jake said Roland he is that portal behind me he’s tied up in that chair Roland got angry and shooted at him but Walter cached all the bullets Roland went into cover and reloaded he went out of cover and ran to him he slide on the ground in the grass and shot the glass above Walter. Walter used his powers to stop the glass from cutting him he moved the glass to Roland direction Roland shot the shattered glass into pieces but he got stabbed in the hand by a piece of the starred glass Roland shot at him more but he catches the bullets. Roland looked around at what to he saw a piece of metal he shot the bullet at the metal it curved into Walter but he caught it Roland had another idea. He shot straight at Walter and shot another bullet at the piece of metal the bullets knocked the other bullet so he couldn't catch it the bullet ended up striking Walter chest then Roland shot another bullet it hit Walter head and it killed him. Walter dropped to the floor help me Roland said Jake Roland shot went in the portal he grabbed his knife and cut the rope off Jake they jumped back into Jake's world before the portal closed they just made it the portal closed so Roland was stuck there forever Roland made a grunt. Jake said what is wrong Roland took of his shirt and Roland had a serious wound in his belly Jake said you will be alright. Roland shut his eyes A week later he woke up in a hospital he saw Jake next to him and he said. well I guess I've finally protected something else instead of that tower. The End

Wednesday, 22 November 2017